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Alfred Watkins Centenary Blackwardine Crossroads, near Hereford 30th June 2021

A well attended event at Blackwardine crossroads where Alfred Watkins had his revelation, a hundred years a go to the day. On the way there, we called in to Hereford Town Centre to look at Alfred Watkin’s house, next to the Cathedral. Also on the way out to the Crossroads, we were able to see the “Wergin’s Stone” from the coach. (There was no open gate this time)! At the crossroads, we had various speakers and said the druid’s prayer. The weather was fine and it was an enjoyable afternoon, in celebration of Alfred Watkin’s life.

Beccle’s Moot

Saturday, 5th June 2021 – Talk in Beccles town centre

Thanks to Sue Pine for organising the moot.

There were 29 attendees. The day opened with a Ceremony of Blessing, conduced by Val Thomas, with Chris Wood manifesting the Ickeny, the magical skull horse. Val was our first speaker of the day and spoke of the ‘mystery of the chalk and flint,’ the goddess and god within the land.

Fionn Rawnsley spoke second and revealed his findings on the Stonehenge Zodiac (see resources page).

Next was Jill Smith, who taled about her experiences, travelling ‘the Gypsy Switch’ – a zodiacal journey around Britain.

Finally was Steve Dawson who talked about dowsing the missing crown jewels of King John, which were lost in the Wash.

Sunday 6th June 2021 – Suffolkn Coach Trip

We started in Dunwich and traced the Iceni Ley, including the accompanying male and female ‘serpents.’ Next we went onto Mettingham Castle, near Bungay. After that we saw the Dragon Ley followed by dowsing the Michael and Mary ‘serpents,’ in old St. Margaret’s Church. We ended the day at Hopton-on-Sea where the eastern end of the Dragon Ley, originating in Cornwall, enters the North Sea. From here you can see a sunrise at the Beltane Dawn. Finally, we paddled in the sea to perform the closing ritual.

In Memoriam

Denis Chapman

21 October 1950 – 7 August 2021

Kirkby Stephen Moot 2019 – 14-16th September 2019

Group picture at Mayburgh Henge – near Eamont Bridge, Penrith – more Moot photos here.

Image by Denis Chapman

See Jimmy Goddard’s video of the Kirkby Stephen Moot 2019 here.

Pilgrimage Update – 2nd August 2019

12/7/19 – Laurence was joined by Angharad Owen (Pixie) for 4 nights on Sunday 7th July in Chepstow. They walked to Mathern where Tewdric the grandfather of Arthur lies buried in his church on the ley. The male and female serpents cross at St Tewdric’s Well – the female (green) is Anna, grandmother of Jesus, the British Princess who was the mother of Mary; the male (red) is Joseph, (of Arimathea), who is the real father of Jesus (and took Jesus to Glastonbury). The ley (blue) is the Rod of Jesse!

They walked mostly along Offa’s Dyke Path from Chepstow to Tintern, where the Abbey is on the ley and Anna and Joseph ‘kiss’ at its altar. Continuing along ODP to Monmouth the Kymin Naval Temple and Round House are on the ley and the Anna and Joseph serpents kiss at each. Total walked from Glastonbury so far is 87 and a half miles.

24/7/19 – Laurence reached Leominster via Hereford (129 miles from the start). He dowsed ley (Rod of Esse) at Wergins Stone (50529439), at Blackwardine Crossroads (50532562) and at St Ann’s Well on Anna Serpent south of Hereford (50512334).

Scilly Moot 2019 – 8-14th June 2019

Group picture around the The Nags Head – St Agnes, Scilly – more Moot photos here.​

St Agnes – Scilly

Image by Denis Chapman

Pilgrimage Update – 22nd May 2019

 Last weekend (18/19 May) Laurence walked the 20 miles from Bristol to Chepstow, crossing the Severn Bridge, making the total so far 59 miles.

Have rejoined the ley (just west of Chepstow).

Wye Valley to Monmouth next (after Scillies Moot).

Megalithomania 2019 – 11th May 2019
Network of Ley Hunters Stall at Megalithomania 2019 in Glastonbury.​

Image by Denis Chapman

Pilgrimage Update – 22nd April 2019

 On Saturday 13th April, three of us set out from Glastonbury in Somerset with the ultimate destination being Glassonby in Cumbria (near Long Meg and her Daughters stone circle; nearest railway station Lazonby).  This ley is the meridian (approx. 2°41” west of Greenwich) running north from Stonedown (above Gog and Magog trees) at Glastonbury.

The three were Jenny Eden, Stuart Marsh and Laurence Main.  On this first day we confirmed the ley on Stonedown (crossing with the Michael Line and the ley to Stonehenge).  We have not yet received a name for this ley.  Neither do we have names for the male and female serpents which coil around it (like the Michael and Mary serpents from Cornwall to Norfolk).  No colours have come yet, either.  Gog and Magog felt visited by the female serpent.  We were only going to Wells on this glorious, sunny day, so we strayed to possible Templar territory or Wells dragon connection by walking a total of 12 miles via Launcherley (ST549430 on OS Explorer 141) – this name appealed to the launch of a Ley Pilgrimage – then the lovely waymarked Monarch’s Way footpath through woodland on Worminster Down (worm…) and into Wells to the Bishop’s Palace and cathedral.  We knew we were off (to the east of) our lay but this was a good walk, explored possibilities and ‘felt right’.  The Holy Grail did come to mind near Launcherley.  I don’t know why.  We carried little (picnics), having camped at Glastonbury (Avalon campsite) and leaving our tents there for four nights.  The excellent bus service running between Glastonbury and Bristol (just to the east of the ley) invited us to use it each day, thus saving the need to backpack.  We have yet to camp, sleep and dream on the ley.
Jenny and Stuart just did the Saturday.  I carried on alone (as planned).  On Sunday 14th April 2019, I took the 7:53 am bus back to Wells and walked 14 miles northwards, mostly along the Monarch’s Way (again to the east of the ley) and climbing to nearly 800 ft in the Mendips.  Another lovely day and walk, soaking in the atmosphere.  Ambling along (no backpack) at 2 mph.  Female serpent felt at Fair Lady Well (ST544507) near Priddy Mineries.  Bearing east to Litton (ST593547) and north towards Hinton Blewett, I was told Brexit MP Rees-Mogg used to live here.  Going east on the limestone link footpath I visited the famous old church at Cameley (ST610575 on OS Explorer 142) with its wall paintings, heads, Rees-Mogg tombs and Templar connections (female serpent?).  I took the bus back to Glastonbury from Temple Cloud (Temple….).
The 7:11 am bus from Glastonbury dropped me at Temple Cloud on Monday 15th April, for another sparkling walk (of 13 miles to Bristol Temple Meads), Stanton Drew stone circles, Maes Knoll hillfort and Wansdyke.  All far to the east of the ley but on the feminine serpent?  Hengrove in Bristol (Hen = old = old grove).  I took the bus back to Glastonbury from Temple Meads (Temple …).  I’ve crossed the River Avon.
When I return (soon), I’ll head north-west to the ley, cross the Severn Bridge and head up the Wye Valley from Chepstow via Tintern to Monmouth.  More when I’ve done it!
Flexibility is the key re: dates (weather etc.) but please telephone me (Laurence Main) on 01650 531354 if you’d like to join ‘along the ley’.  Some people have already ‘booked’ sections.  I’m rarely away from home for more than five days at a time and do have an answerphone.

Come on a Pilgrimage! – Update 13th March 2019

Muster at 9am on Saturday 13th April at the entrance to Glastonbury Town Hall if interested in joining the first stage of our pilgrimage from Glastonbury (Somerset) up to Cumbria – Walking!  Please phone Laurence (by 9th April 2019 at the latest) on 01650 531354.
See below for further info.

In Memoriam

David Shead – 03/02/1956 – 21/02/2019 – R.I.P.

Dave was instrumental in the formation of the Network of Ley Hunters.

Cremation will be at Bournemouth Crematorium Thursday 14th March 2019 at 2pm.

Image by Denis Chapman

Clitheroe 2018 Moot – Links to Photo and Video Galleries:

Denis’ photos from Clitheroe Moot – September 2018 – click to view
See Martin’s Facebook posts – click here
Jimmy Goddard’s video – Ley Hunting at Alderley Edge, Manchester and Clitheroe

Pilgrimage along the Greenwich Meridian – 2017/8 – update July 2018

Laurence has completed his solo Greenwich Meridian Pilgrimage (03/07/18) – backpacking from Sussex to Yorkshire, approximately 300 miles.

​Contact Laurence (01650 531 354 ) for more information on this and other future potential ‘highlights’ pilgrimages.

Pilgrimage along the Greenwich Meridian – 2017/8 – update 7th June 2018

Join Laurence in our Pilgrimage along the Greenwich Meridian – backpacking from Sussex to Yorkshire.

​Laurence has reached March in Cambridgeshire.  The pilgrimage will hopefully resume next week continuing on to Boston – ending in Yorkshire by August.

Pilgrimage along the Greenwich Meridian – 2017/8 – update 6th May 2018

Join Laurence in our Pilgrimage along the Greenwich Meridian – backpacking from Sussex to Yorkshire.

​Laurence has reached Ware in Hertfordshire – 102 miles from the start.  The pilgrimage will hopefully resume on 21st May 2018 continuing in 1-2 week chunks – ending in Yorkshire by August.

Contact Laurence for more information.

Isle of Lewis Moot 13-21 April 2018

Our largely sunny and dry (if blustery) moot on the Isle of Lewis (April 13-21) was attended by 26 people.  Many thanks to all those who made the long trip to make it such a success.  A full report will be published in a future newsletter.  Meanwhile here are a few images from the week but also go to the Photos&Videos page for lots more images from the week:

Contact Laurence for more information.

Image by Denis Chapman

Bart O’Farrell – 11/08/1941 – 24/12/2017 – R.I.P.

Image by Denis Chapman

Some links: Bart the Art, Cornwall Artists IndexPatrick O’Farrell Interview, Cornwall Live

Lichfield Moot Reports

Check out Jimmy Goddard’s excellent Lichfield Moot video report here​